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Many newspapers have discovered the concept of premium content, meaning they allow you to view all the articles online you want, except for certain stories, and to look at those you need to subscribe, and pay them, or make a micro-payment. Unfortunately, there is a problem with all this and the newspapers who are charging for premium content are often using false advertising or deceptive marketing. “Huh?” You ask; “What on Earth are you talking about?” Simple, let me explain. 소액결제현금화

You see, all too often the articles of these pay-to-read or premium content schemes have great sounding titles, boy they are enticing, sound great, and yet, when you do finally read the content, it looks like a third grader wrote it, and it lacks details, and any worthwhile information, as the title clearly does not make good on its promise.

This is misleading hype, and really falls within the category of false advertising claims and must be punished severally, and mind you this isn’t just happening on a rare basis, it is a real problem with the European Press and it is starting to be here in the US too. I call these; “Gotcha Articles!”

It was amazing to me that the print media, has been complaining about copyright infringement, batching, unauthorized syndication, etc, and yet, they have not cleaned up their own acts. The reality is that the print media wants to compete with the online media, and claim all their content. Fine, but stooping to the level of misleading titles to sell premium content or subscriptions is like calling the Kettle Black, it’s really unacceptable in my opinion.

Of course, if we really want to get technical about marketing, titles, PR, and articles, I’ve noted the Federal Trade Commission has also been problematic when posting information about its cases, or court actions as well. So, I ask who is watching the watchers, who is regulating the whistleblowers, and how come I am the only person on this planet who is willing to say anything about this issue? Please consider all this.


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